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What our customers say...

Jacquelynn B.

I hired Bio Remedies to do a Video inspection on the sewer lines of the home my fiancé and I were in the process of purchasing. While this service is not part of the traditional home inspection we (and our realtor) felt that it was important to do for our peace of mind before finalizing the purchase. The company was prompt and efficient and Ken even followed up with me personally to let me know everything looked good! I highly recommend this service for new home buyers! The cost far outweighs the benefit should problems be found !

Paul M.

"We had BioRemedies reline 100 feet of our sewer line with pvc. They brought all the right equipment and their service people were excellent. They were professional, efficient and completed their task in record time.
It was a 5 star job from start to finish.
We couldn't have been more pleased, so we've been recommending them to all of our neighbors and friends in return for a job beautifully done.

Dan D.

Steve, Cameron and Alex were very friendly and always showed up for our appointments on time. They explained to us what was being done and why. They were very knowledgeable. The Perma-lining was installed perfectly. We have no complaints. It was a true pleasure.

Kelly S.

My plumber recommended this company to me and I found them honest and capable. Everything, including cost, was clearly explained to me and my concerns about the durability of my seventy-year-old sewer line were eased. It was fascinating to watch the live feed from the camera as it scoped out the entire length of the clay sewer line both before and after it was hydro-jetted clean. Absolutely all the tree roots were gone and the sewer line was good as new. They have a lot of experience with "perma-lining", which I would like to have done someday.

David P.

I have used Bio Remedies for a 2nd time in the past 12 months. They are prompt, professional and do a great job at a reasonable cost. I again had to have hydro-jetting to remove roots that had invaded a drain line, causing a clogged toilet and shower drain. Quick response, and excellent work. Alex and Spencer are a great team and very knowledgeable.

Joanne B.

Fast, reliable and affordable service. Great job and also great at cleaning up! Very Happy.

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