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Why Pull-in-Place?

Pull-in-Place liner can be a great solution for a truly NO DIG repair to your sewer line. You can replace your whole sewer line or just a small portion of broken pipe.

Pull-in-Place: Welcome

The Pull-in-Place Process

Descale Chains.png

Descale and Cleaning

Using our high RPM rotary equipment we can break up the scale that is in the line to return the line to as full diameter is possible. This process leaves a lot of debris in the line and needs to be removed before the lining can be performed. Using a hydrojetter the scale is removed from your mainline.


Pull-in-Place Process

A pull strap is fished through the sewer line. An epoxy saturated sleeve is wrapped around a bladder and then pulling into the pipe. the bladder is inflated and allowed to cure. After the curing process the bladder is deflated and pulled out of the pipe.

Pull in Place - Finished Product.png

Finished Product

The product that is left can be likened to a stint in an artery. It provides structural integrity to the line and a slick surface for debris to travel our of your sewer line.

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