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Why Pipe Lining?

We have several methods we can use to rehabilitate your sewer lines. Take a look below to see what's involved.

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Advantages of Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining will limit the amount of demolition that needs to be done for the project. The downtime is minimal with this process and the pricing is comparable to that of trenching the sewer line. If you would like to learn more on this process please visit our blog with an explanation of the process by clicking the button below.

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The Pipe Lining Process

Video Inspection

Using state of the art video inspection equipment we can see what's in your pipes and the best way to address it.

Descale & Jetting

Using our high RPM rotary equipment we can break up the scale that is in the line to return the line to as full diameter is possible. This process leaves a lot of debris in the line and needs to be removed before the lining can be performed. Using a hydrojetter the scale is removed from your mainline.

Lining Process

An epoxy saturated sleeve is inserted into your sewer line. A bladder is then inflated so the sleeve takes the shape of your pipe. After the epoxy has been allowed to cure, the bladder is deflated and removed. The liner that is left from the process provides structural support to your pipe, as well as leave a slick surface for debris to travel through your mainline.

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The Pipe Lining Process

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