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Pipe Bursting

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Why Bursting?

Pipe bursting completely replaces the current sewer line with a High Density Polyethylene.

Pipe bursting can be a cost effective solution to replace your sewer line under ground. It is best utilized on a sewer line with little to no lateral connections.

Bursting Process

A steel braided cable is fished through your sewer line. One end is attached to a steel head that is fused to HDPE pipe. The other end is connected to a hydraulic winch that pulls the HDPE pipe through your sewer while the steel head "bursts" the old pipe.

Finished Product

The finished product is a brand new HDPE pipe sewer line. This line is structurally sound and provides a slick surface greatly reducing clogs in this section of the pipe in the future.

Pipe Bursting: Services

The Pipe Bursting Process

Pipe Bursting: Video
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