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The Epoxy Coating Process

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Descale & Cleaning


Bio Remedies offers a wide range of plumbing services including EpoxyCoating. The process begins with using our high RPM rotary equipment to break up the scale that is in the line to return the line to as full diameter is possible. This process leaves a lot of debris in the line and needs to be removed before the lining can be performed. Using a hydrojetter or other methods the scale is removed from your mainline and left to dry so the coating can begin. 


Once the line has been prepped the application process can begin. Using video inspection equipment along with rotating brushes, a two part epoxy is applied to the walls of the pipe. We use alternating colors so that we can ensure proper coverage on each coat. This process may need to repeated until the desired coating is obtained. 

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Epoxy Process

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Epoxy Coated Pipe


After the final coat has dried the Epoxy Coating Process is complete and the drain can be put back into service. The pipe now has a highly viscous surface that facilitates the travel of liquid and debris through your sewer line. It also deters the formation of scale and build up in your drain. This method of trenchless sewer replacement is highly effective on laundry lines and other small diameter piping. 

Epoxy Coating: Services
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