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Trenchless Technology

UV LightRay

Curing with our UV LightRay System will allow us to lower your down time. After insertion of the liner, the LightRay system activates the curing process. Give us a call to see how we can assist you in the rehabilitation of your sewer line. 


Pipe Lining

"Perma-liner" material is a polyester felt material with a polyurethane outer coating The liner is saturated with a two-part liquid resin which is then inverted through the 'host' pipe expanding it tightly against the walls of the existing pipe while it cures in place. Once the liner is cured, any lateral line 'tie ins' are reinstated for immediate use.



A 100% Trenchless solution. No digging up floors, landscaping, or tearing up walls. The versatility of this system allows the lining to be pulled through turns and vertical stacks with ease while stopping and starting anywhere in the line.


Pipe Bursting

The pipe bursting process involves a large cone-shaped head which is hydraulically pulled through the old sewer line, splitting apart and displacing the old pipe underground while at the same time pulling into place a new seamless HDPE pipe.


Epoxy Coating

Some piping is in good enough condition that it just needs a good cleaning, but what happens over time? The build-up that was just removed will return and again cause you to have problems with your sewer system. Our Picote Coating System is a simple, fast, and practical coating system for drain and sewer restoration.

A specialized tool with a rotating brush is used to apply a two-part epoxy resin that will seal and create a smooth surface in the drain line.

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