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Commercial Plumbing Services

Meeting Your Needs

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Everything works great, until it doesn't. Maintenance on your grease lines can help prevent costly downtime and emergency service. Ask about how we can help maintain the individual drains in your kitchen as well as your main sewer line.

Inventory Management

Full Service Plumbing

From leaky faucets to replacing your 100 Gallon water heater, finding the right company you can trust to efficiently handle your plumbing problems can be a challenge. Let Bio Remedies assist with all your plumbing needs.



Does your backflow have a leak? Does it need to be inspected? Or maybe it was hit by a car?! Our certified technicians can make the repair and test your backflow to ensure proper operation.

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Drain Clearing

Nothings worse then looking down at your drains and the water starts to come UP! Our highly trained and efficient technicians will get your drains flowing the right way.

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